Account and permission management

Screenshot of account management

Other employees or team members can be added to the Meloworks environment by sending an invitation, which contains a unique link for joining. New user can log in and start working after choosing username and password.

System roles

There are two system roles: regular user and administrator.

  • Regular user - read and write permissions based on section (clients, invoices etc.) can be given;
  • Administrator - user, who can access everything including ordering paid services.

Every company must have at least one user owning administrator role.

Full permissions list:

  • view clients - user can view all clients and contacts;
  • manage clients - user can create/edit/delete clients and contacts;
  • view estimates - user can view all estimates;
  • manage estimates - user can create/edit/delete/send estimates;
  • view projects - user can see all projects, tasks, planning and people;
  • manage projects - user can create/edit/delete projects, tasks, manage people and time schedule;
  • view reports - user can see reports;
  • view invoices - user can see invoices;
  • manage invoices - user can create/edit/delete/send invoices.

If a user has access for managing invoices but not viewing clients, then he/she will still be able to see a list of active clients and contacts. Similar exceptions may exist in other sections.

Summary - why is it important?

  • Adding other employees is very simple by sending out invitations;
  • different access levels can be defined for users - everyone can access only job position related sections.