Creating and managing estimates

Screenshot of estimates management

Estimates can be created for existing client or totally new recipient who does not exist in client list. Every estimate gets unique number, date and expiry date.

In estimate compose view estimate draft is displayed next to company pricelist and pricelist rows can be dragged and dropped to estimate. Tax rates and units will be part of estimate automatically, you must specify only quantities. Estimate rows can be sorted. Additionally you can add custom rows, which is effective for less frequently sold products/services.

From estimate compose view you can move on to preview, where it is possible to do final check before sending. You can send out estimate using e-mail which contains unique link to estimate webpage. It is also possible to attach PDF version of estimate or alternatively you can just download PDF and use third party solutions for sending.

Recipient can accept or reject estimate by visiting unique link to webpage. Information about acceptance appears immediately in estimates list view.

Old price estimates can be archived.

If you often have to send out similar estimates, it is possible to create estimate template, which can be reused again and again. It means that all estimate rows will be pre-filled in compose view.

Estimate lifecycle: started, draft, in preview, sent, accepted/rejected.

Summary - why is it important?

  • you can get clear view of sent estimates and their statuses;
  • templates can be created, which makes it very easy to send repeating estimates;
  • estimates can be searched, sorted and archived;
  • estimates can be used as an input to project tasks.