Creating and managing invoices

Screenshot of invoice management

Invoices can be created only for active existing clients. Process is very similar to estimate creation. The main difference is, that invoice can be created automatically from project hours, which means, that before invoice draft view project hours can be reviewed and then converted into invoice rows. You can correct invoice hours manually if needed.

Meloworks automatically tracks the sequence of invoice numbers and you can edit them manually if needed.

Invoice lifecycle:

  • started - invoice creation has been started, but it does not have any rows;
  • draft - invoice has at least one row;
  • in preview - invoice is ready for sending out, rows can not be modified anymore;
  • sent - invoice has been sent out from environment or marked as "sent" manually;
  • paid - invoice is paid;
  • over due - invoice is not paid, it shows up red in invoice list, also number of days over due gets displayed.

Invoices can be sent out via e-mail directly from Meloworks environment. It means, that recipient receives e-mail containing unique link to see the invoice as web page. Additionally you can attach PDF version of invoice. PDF can be also downloaded manually for sending out using third party software or for printing.

Meloworks keeps automatically track of due dates and shows them red in invoice list view.

Old invoices can be archived.

Summary - why is it important?

  • all invoices are in one place, accessible from any computer connected to internet;
  • invoices can be sorted and searched;
  • Meloworks keeps automatically track of due dates;
  • invoices can be generated directly from project hours.