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Set up currency, taxes and pricelist for creating estimates and invoices

Service does not limit the number of tax rates or pricelist items you can use. Usually it is a good idea to insert most common services to pricelist and others can be inserted manually to invoices and estimates when needed.

Start using calendar and projects

The most powerful feature of Meloworks service. Weekly calendar allows marking down your daily activities. The accuracy is 15 minutes, just drag events to calendar and connect them with project tasks. If you follow that principle, everything starting from reports to invoicing can be generated from that data.

Invite other employees

You can send invitations to their e-mail addresses. After they sign up, calendar sharing, chatting and real collaboration can begin!

Read in more depth about functionality from "how it works" section.

News and announcements

POODLE patched (16.10.2014)

SSLv3 support allowed man-in-the-middle type attacks.

Heartbleed (07.04.2014)

OpenSSL vulnerability got patched!

Version 2.0 is out! (19.09.2013)

Lot of bug fixes and new functionality is available.

About connecting customer support

Our customer support works via e-mail only. We will answer your questions during working hours (M-F 10am-7pm GMT)

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We recommend using modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari. In Interent Explorer, some visuals may not appear as they should, however most of the features should work fine.

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