How it works?

Screenshot of shared calendar

Meloworks gives small service oriented businesses a new way to track time usage across projects and tasks by integrating the most important aspects of company's daily routines.

The problem

Micro and small businesses are frequently facing problems, which are mostly caused by their small size. In addition to paperwork, accounting and maintaining other assets, one of the important issue is software. For example, what software should we use for invoicing? How should we create estimates? How to organize employee's time? If your speciality is not IT, important question is also who maintains all different software pieces.

The smaller the company is, the less attention is paid what exactly gets done and by who. The borders of employee's personal and bussines hours becomes more blurred day by day. You do not have clear overview, how much time each task takes and is the project profitable in the end. 30 minutes of unorganized time a day makes two weeks of wasted time annually!

Meloworks is simple project management and collaboration software

Small companies need a rock-solid tried and tested model for going through all your daily routines - from estimating, projects, tasks and planning to reporting and invoicing. Meloworks offers that in very simplistic and universal way, no matter if your speciality is IT, law or car wash.

You will get:

  • client and contact management;
  • estimate management;
  • project and task management, planning solution;
  • time and resource usage reports;
  • invoice creator;
  • shared calendars and instant messaging solution.