Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions define service provider, Meloworks OÜ, registration number 12434991, registered in Estonian Commercial Register, below the service provider and customer legal relationship.

After opening personal account customer assures, that he/she has read the following terms and conditions, understands and accepts them.


Service - electronic service offered through meloworks.com website, which allows customer to organize company's daily routines.

Customer - the user of free or paid services, who has personal account in service provider environment.

User - anyone who has access to service provider environment through customer created account/invitation.

Pricelist - the list of paid services, published on meloworks.com website.

Customer data - user or customer created data in service provider environment.

Legality - in correspondence with Estonian laws.

The rights and obligations of service provider

Service provider has right to change service functionality or pricelist without notice. Also applies to pricelist exceptions for different customers.

Service provider has right to pause service for maintenance for any time period by informing customers at least 24 hours in advance.

Service provider has right to stop servicing certain customer immediately if customer violates terms and conditions.

Service provider obligates removing all the technical problems within reasonable time unless problems are caused by third parties (network issues, longer power outage).

Service provider obligates not revealing customer data to third parties unless it is required by Estonian laws.

Service provider obligates not processing customer data more than minimum necessary for fixing the issues.

Service provider obligates not to process or store any credit card data customer uses during payment process. Invoice for payment is created according to Estonian laws. Usually customer can download invoice immediately after payment and invoice is also sent automatically via e-mail.

Service provider is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that is caused by illegal attacks against meloworks.com environment.

Service provider is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by unavailablity of the service or not working functionality.

The rights and obligations of customer

Customer has right to use the service regardless of physical location any time.

Customer has right to quit using service any time.

All customer data access rights and copyrights belong to customer.

Customer obligates using service only for what its meant for.

Customer obligates not causing any troubles for other users, networks and servers.

Customer obligates annoncing real physical/juridical person contact data to service provider, to allow service provider construct correct and legal invoice.

Customer obligates not using robot queries or any other user interface besides web browser against service.

Paid services

If customer wants to use the service with more simultaneous users than free service, customer must pay subscription fee according to pricelist.

The final price of subscription will be calculated from time period and number of simultaneous users.

For paid subscription, payment must be made in advance with credit card. Access to paid service will be opened immediately after receiving payment data from payment service provider.

Service provider does not offer refunds unless it is indicated differently in Estonian laws.

Solving conflicts

All conflicts will be solved during negotiations. If the dispute cannot be solved by means of negotiations, the dispute shall be solved in Harju County Court, Estonia.


Date: 14.03.2013
Meloworks OÜ