Using calendar for time tracking

Screenshot of using calendar for time tracking

All employees who have access to Meloworks environment can access their personal weekly calendar. Similarly to other office software (Outlook, Google Calendar etc) you can create events by selecting time periods using mouse. But actual meaning of this calendar is a bit different: it is meant for writing down all the present and past activities - for example working on some project task or closed client meeting. Of course nothing restricts you from using the calendar as usual - for reminding upcoming events.

On the left side from weekly calender there are list of tasks assigned to logged in employee and undone tasks from previous periods. It is possible to drag and drop tasks to indicate time spent on them. If calendar event is "task type", then it can be marked "done" by clicking on the calendar event and changing it's status.

How to make tasks appearing on employees calendar view is more detailly explained here.

Shared calendars

Every employee can choose persons with whom to share his/her calendar by going to section Settings -> Shared calendars. If someone is sharing calendar with you, it is possible to see it in calendar view. By clicking on name you can see all other person's events besides your's, unless event is marked "personal".

Summary - why is it important?

  • you have clear overview what needs to be done;
  • from calendar it is possible to see actual time usage;
  • filled in calendar can be used as input to reporting and invoicing;
  • shared calendars will improve internal communication.